i didn’t want them to win. i didn’t want them to be successful. it feels like a slap to the face. i don’t know. i feel so urgh. i told myself time and time again no you have to get over it. this is not the end of you. just argh. why

why couldnt i go somewhere else to be the big fish. i feel so upset. i dont know if i should scream if i should cry or anything. please. just obliviate my mind. i wish none of this happened. i wish i didnt exist.


Happy Leanne Is Happy

Today’s one of the days I’m just plain happy to be me. It meant so much to me that my mum allowed me to watch a 3 hour movie at 2030h just because she knew about how much i’ve been whining about watching the hobbit. It’s amazing really when people actually care and capture these small things you say. I’m really happy to have such people in my life

Hello Again

Why hello beautiful, it’s time for me to revive you. First day of school…. It’s the last year (hopefully) 12 years in this damn education system. How am I feeling? Exhausted, just tired. I think I’ve long since forgotten what it feels like to sit still for large amounts of time. It feels good to see everyone though, funny how nothing has changed. We set such big aspirations for ourselves as each new year passes. I will be more hardworking, I will be thinner, I will listen more, I will speak up, I will make more friends. And yet we still stick in our comfy little cliques, fall asleep during lectures and play everyday away. That’s the way life goes eh haha. But I really am trying this year. After all, I can’t afford to screw up anymore. I’ve been trying to exercise more, did 4.3km in half an hour on the cross trainer. It doesn’t sound like much but for me it’s a big foot forward, especially since I specialize in extreme couch potatoing. It seems with every first day that huge wave/tsunami of regret hits me; why didn’t I spend my holidays doing work? Now I’m stuck feeling guilty and having to rush them all. The funniest part is taka asked me “don’t you feel bored doing nothing?” so that’s how chao muggers think slackers work….. New Year Another Me, let’s try this out lea, see how far we can go. 66 days before the first block test and 331 days to freedom 🙂 Oh and I got asked to join the dramafeste script writing team, hopefully I’ll be of use :/

Dear Me

why do you keep doing the things you do, protecting yourself and hurting those around you? Does it really make you happy sitting in front of a monitor all day long just so you can escape the troubles of homework, relationships and the world? 

Crates and Ribbons

The kissing sailor, Greta Zimmer Friedman, George Mendonsa

Most of us are familiar with this picture. Captured in Times Square on V-J Day, 1945, it has become one of the most iconic photographs of American history, symbolizing the jubilation and exuberance felt throughout the country at the end of World War II.

For a long time, the identity of the pair remained a mystery. It certainly looks passionate and romantic enough, with many speculating that they were a couple – a sailor and a nurse, celebrating and sharing their joy. This year, however, historians have finally confirmed that the woman is Greta Zimmer Friedman, a dental nurse at the time, and George Mendonsa, a sailor.

Have a look at some articles about it. Do you get the feeling that something is not quite right?

Huffington Post

Daily Mail

CBS News

A few facts have come to light. Far from being a kiss between a loving couple, we learn…

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I feel like my …

I feel like my adventure is somewhere out there. I can sense it. Feel it rushing through my arteries, flowing through my veins. Yet my eyes do not register any signs of excitement. No scenes of an amazing journey registers in my corea. Is there really something out there for me? I feel I’ve grown so much yet so little. I am not that bowl-cutted tall girl from primary school anymore, yet I’m not the confident independent woman I crave to be. Exactly what am I? I don’t feel like I have a goal in life anymore. Sure as a primary five kid I wanted to go to Harvard and be the president of Singapore. But yet, a few years earlier I wanted to be a gardener, a princess, miss Singapore. I’m meant to be a step closer to knowing who I am with every year I mature. But seriously? Someone give me a sign.