I think it’s time i disappear from facebook and twitter. I hate seeing all the posts after all. All it does is remind me of what a lonely person I am. And all the regrets I’ve made and how much of a failure I am. I’m not special. Maybe I was before, but it took […]



Have i done something wrong? An I bad friend? If not why do I feel like I have so few close friends? Like few I can have heart to heart conversations with? The ones that’ll tell me straight what’s wrong and tell me to set myself right? Or someone that I just wanna hear their […]

Like A Symphony

I feel good. Haha I think this is my first positive post ever. I did CIP this morning for badrec, hey the exco ain’t that bad after all. The kids were pretty cute but I’ll never understand why kids don’t like me =.= and a young boy said 他妈的 to me. First time I’ve been […]

Happiness is a warm gun

I know I’m supposed to be happy. After all I did get an exco position. But somehow it doesn’t feel like much. Like my standards have sank down to this standard. ): maybe I’m just a power hungry freak. I need to be happy with what I have. But others just have more. I need […]