I feel good denenenenene

Oh happy days how I missed you 😀 Today was great, it felt awesome being together with my study buds. The group of friends that wouldn’t change no matter what JC throws at us. Okay maybe a little, Ling and Pui feel that mlim changed a little bit, but deep down inside I’m pretty sure […]

words cannot ev…

words cannot even express how much i hate pw. I hate it so much i would rather eat 1 kg worth of vegetables then continue on with pw, I hate the fact that I’m group leader even more. So if this ship sinks who’s to blame? the captain. I’m already busy with YFC and PW […]

Anything > Everything

A positive post is what I need and it shall be what I write. The reason why you’re constantly so miserable leanne, is because you continuously dwell in the past. So what if things went wrong? So what if you’re not who you used to be? You have so much time in front of you to make […]

51 and counting

Hey dad,   so… like every other year, the Earth has made another revolution around the sun and it’s your birthday again. But this year’s different, you’re sending another one off the college and this family will shrink down to 3+1. It’s okay daddy, I’m not leaving any time soon. And plus, being the only […]