teenaged angst.

sleepy, annoyed, frustrated. Mix them together and you have grouchy Leanne. And that’s all I’ve been feeling for the past few days. Why do I have to get scolded for the shit you do? It’s not me who’s going out all day to have fun or staying at home as a couch potato. I get […]



Stop it leanne. Seriously stop it. Stop lamenting on how your life’s changed. How it aint the same. How youre not in faccom or council. And about how much you wish to rewind the clock. Forget it. Leave it. Block it out of your mind. You’re stringer than this. Rise above this. It’s just a […]


Its kinda amazing what people would do to not feel alone. It was nice that you stayed by my stall because you were waiting for your parents. Pretty cool that you helped me carry stuff too. But its funny how you chose me to keep you company when you could have sat somewhere else where […]


Ironic how coming to this pizza place reminds me of a fun memory we had together. Even if you were not physically here. Times have changed. People too. Now the memories of you just suck and are kinda painful. Hah. Funny how im sitting under a sign with your name on it too.