I feel like my …

I feel like my adventure is somewhere out there. I can sense it. Feel it rushing through my arteries, flowing through my veins. Yet my eyes do not register any signs of excitement. No scenes of an amazing journey registers in my corea. Is there really something out there for me? I feel I’ve grown so […]

Tummy feels wrong

잘 가 (가지마) 행복해 (떠나지마) 나를 잊어줘 잊고 살아가줘 (나를 잊지마) 나는 (그래 나는) 괜찮아 (아프잖아) 내 걱정은 하지 말고 떠나가 (제발 가지마) Farewell (Don’t go) Be happy (Don’t leave) Forget me, forget and move on (Don’t forget me) I’m… (Yeah, I am) I’m okay (It hurts…) Don’t worry about me and move on (Please […]

Needs and Wants

It saddens me that our needs and wants are not aligned. Maybe it’s just the case for singapore. Maybe it’s just me. Hopefully i’ll finish both lists in due time. Need: Get better grades Finish my PW Be less lazy Want: Relate to the love songs i hear Ride a giraffe Swim with the whales