Tummy feels wrong

잘 가 (가지마) 행복해 (떠나지마)
나를 잊어줘 잊고 살아가줘 (나를 잊지마)
나는 (그래 나는) 괜찮아 (아프잖아)
내 걱정은 하지 말고 떠나가 (제발 가지마)

Farewell (Don’t go) Be happy (Don’t leave)
Forget me, forget and move on (Don’t forget me)
I’m… (Yeah, I am) I’m okay (It hurts…)
Don’t worry about me and move on (Please don’t leave)

Needs and Wants

It saddens me that our needs and wants are not aligned. Maybe it’s just the case for singapore. Maybe it’s just me. Hopefully i’ll finish both lists in due time.


  1. Get better grades
  2. Finish my PW
  3. Be less lazy


  1. Relate to the love songs i hear
  2. Ride a giraffe
  3. Swim with the whales

We’ve got static in our bones, waiting to explode, only we know

This post is dedicated to Sam and Nic, the loveliest people in my life. It’s been way too long since I wrote anything I liked, or anything that seemed like proper writing for that matter. But here it goes, my way of describing my night. Perhaps tomorrow morning I’ll wake up, review this again and absolutely hate what I wrote. But right now, in this very moment, this is a tiny little piece of my heart written out. 


Thump. Thump. Thump.

Three hearts beating in sync to the bass drum.


Swaying to the rhythm of the unknown melody,

arteries contracting,

neurons synapsing,

hypothalamus spazzing.


Endorphins exploding in their bodies,

like shooting stars in galaxies far away,

like fireworks bursting during national day,

happiness like warm rays of sunshine flow through their veins.


They break into smiles,

giving each other knowing looks,

“your heart sings the same tune as mine,

I now know it is you I need to spend my life with”.


For from this moment on,

their lives have intertwined,

like threads in friendship bracelets,

like links in metal chains,

A bond stronger than any hydrocarbons has been formed.


Applause breaks out.

The song is over.

The performance is done.

Yet, their friendship has only just begun.



It’s hard for me to write down every single thing that happened today, but I really hope I can remember it all when next year comes around, when the next next year is here, and forever more. I feel so grateful for this fortunate life I live in. Since I don’t really subscribe to a particular religion, it seems right to give thanks to (almost) everybody.

Thank you Zeus, for giving me these wonderful people in my life.

Thank you God, for blessing me with such great teachers.

Thank you Buddha, for letting me live and breathe.

Thank you FSM, for my family who have stretched their boundaries just for me.

Thank you Vishnu, for this country whom I have a love-hate relationship with.

Thank you, to you up there watching over me, for this fortunate life I live.


I feel good denenenenene

Oh happy days how I missed you 😀 Today was great, it felt awesome being together with my study buds. The group of friends that wouldn’t change no matter what JC throws at us. Okay maybe a little, Ling and Pui feel that mlim changed a little bit, but deep down inside I’m pretty sure she’s the same, no matter how cliche that sounds. There really isn’t anything I can use to describe how good it feels to be in the warmth of a few good friends talking, playing and studying like we used to. Even today’s weather couldn’t bring me down.


An even better thing happened too. After spending over six months, I’ve finally convinced minnie to go to the school counsellor. Finally. I really hope it helps. She can’t stay a dementor forever.


Today in CME we were supposed to write about an incident where we were proud to be ourselves. Today, I’m proud to be me. 😀