words cannot ev…

words cannot even express how much i hate pw. I hate it so much i would rather eat 1 kg worth of vegetables then continue on with pw, I hate the fact that I’m group leader even more. So if this ship sinks who’s to blame? the captain. I’m already busy with YFC and PW and on top of that i have didn’t even want to be group leader but it got shoved onto me. Now because i don’t have the time (and don’t even want to deal with pw) I’ve become a shitty leader. These group mates aren’t helping out much either. they do their parts somewhat okaily but our PW is moving NOWHERE until i start delegating work and such. These people have no self initiative at all. if you dare give me half assed work i will blow my top. This is why i don’t like group work. work is so much better done when you’re the only one to do it. At least all mistakes will be accounted for and you don’t play the blame game. no communication problems too.


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